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A step by step system to generating leads and converting them into high paying clients
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Generate from 100 to Unlimited 
Leads and Transform Them Into Clients! 
Our Step by Step Guide Will Teach You How To: 
  • Target Your Ideal Clients - Identify leads that can easily afford what you offer
  • Engage With Your Profile - Use engaging content that positions you as the expert and a trusted adviser
  • Connect To Your Ideal Client - A systematic approach to grow your list of quality leads
  • Interact with Connections - Identify the types of interactions your community is inspired by
  • Offer to Meet - Crush it with a sequence of offers that your community can consistently buy
Our blueprint is a complete guide of strategies
to train you on the exact process we use to generate leads and add
Re-targeting System to increase your conversion rates.
About The Author
Hawk Mikado
Having Started over 20 companies (7 of which were profitable) Hawk Mikado learned about the 3 major reasons why businesses struggle first hand. He Identified that the major stuggles came from one of 3 reasons. A lack of leads, a lack of sales, and a lack of the right team.

Hawk loves to share his expertise with the world, and knows that having fun doing it is the only way to grow a business. He spends his free time traveling the world, taking personal time with his family, and going to the Zoo.

Hawk gives back to 3 non-profits on a regular basis. Ocean Sanctuaries, Go2Grow, and The San Diego Zoo.
Hawk Mikado wants you to claim this free copy of this book so that you can make sure you're not doing any of these 3 major challenges. And if you are you'll have the resources to easily resolve them.

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